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  • Waves

    Honor the path the ocean has taken with this exceptional modern ring. Fashioned in 14K white gold, three rows of baguette and princess cut diamonds emulating the encounter of waves - the largest 1/2 ct. - are set diagonally.
    • 14K white gold
    • 9.62mm width
    • Size 7
    • Average weight 3.4gr
    • 1/2 CT baguette and princess cut diamond ring
  • These three radiant rubies and sparkling white diamond swirl makes a striking combination. The oval rubies are mounted in a prong setting and are surrounded by a diamond swirl to create a majestic appeal. This elegant ruby ring is designed in 14k gold.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 7.5
    • Diamond 0.12 ct
    • Saphire 0.25 carat
    • 2.17mm width
    • Average weight 3.4 gr
    • Round diamond
  • Take her breath away with this meaningful diamond engagement ring.The classic three-stone trellis ring gets a dazzling new design in our unique channel set engagement ring. The three secure four-prong settings pay homage to the stones which represent your past, present, and future.
    • 14k white gold
    • .75CT-H-SI1
    • Size 6.5
    • Average weight 4.1gr
    • 2.6 mm width
    • Round diamond
  • The path

    She's guaranteed to love this stunning and fashionable ring. It is composed of 14k white gold and has 0.45ct diamonds symbolizing the beautiful path of life.
    • 14k white gold
    • 5.20mm width
    • Size 7
    • Average weight 4.1gr
    • Round diamonds
  • The Flowery

    With glistening baguette and round diamonds, this ring has a flowery wire design.Its shining halo adorns the petals, while highlighting the pave center. This handcrafted diamond ring is set with Very Good polished FG/VS-SI1 diamonds.
    • 18kt white gold
    • Band width 2mm and center circle 14mm
    • Size 7
    • Average weight 6gr
    • 1.10Ct baguette and round diamond ring
  • Starry Nights

    Inspired by Ancient Greece, this deep blue sapphire ring boast a special sparkle to every strong and independent women. Match this ring with our Mosaic pendant for a comlpete look!
    • 14k white gold
    • .75CT
    • Size 7.5
    • Average weight 9.3gr
    • 7.74 mm width
    • Round diamond and saphire
  • A classic and elegant look is defined by this double banded, intertwined ring. It is filled with brilliant diamonds set in a 14k white gold band.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 6.5
    • 0.83 ct
    • 6.46 mm width6.46 mm width
    • Average weight 7.1gr
    • Round diamond
  • Spring Ring

    This stunning 14k white gold diamond ring is simple, sweet, and breathtakingly beautiful. Give her an everlasting blossom that will never fade away. This exquisite ring features a flower-shaped cluster of round diamonds totaling 1.25 ct.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 6
    • 6mm width
    • Average weight 8.3gr
    • 19 round bezel setting diamond
  • Brilliance defined, this diamond engagement ring features round diamonds set in a split shank design of 14k white gold with a halo setting - This ring is specially designed to accommodate the following center diamond shapes and sizes (round 0.72 -1.55 carat).
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 6 3/4
    • 2.3mm widht
    • Average weight3.5gr
    • 34 round diamonds
    • Halo ring square ending
  • The best ring to wear wherever, whenever. This diamond set in white gold ring pairs well with any other piece of jewlery and is great for your special woman!
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 4.5
    • .24 ct
    • 2.11 mm width
    • Average weight 43.7 gr
    • Round diamond
  • Sauron Ring

    This exquisite ring showcases bespoke design and grandeur. The accent black diamonds cascade down the shoulders and beautifully adorn the gallery for a majestic brilliance. The halo created by 16 white round diamonds emphasize the main attraction, a hypnotizing 1.50CT black diamond!
    • 18k white gold
    • Size 6 3/4
    • 3.01 ct
    • 3.8mm width
    • Average weight 7gr
    • Round and oval diamonds
  • Classic elegance, this diamond engagement ring setting features pavŽ-set round brilliant diamonds mounted in enduring 14k white gold - round ending - This ring is specially designed to accommodate the following center diamond shapes and sizes (round 0.72 -1.55 carat)
    • 14k white gold
    • 2.5mm widht
    • Size 7
    • Four prongs
    • Average weight 4.1gr
    • 10 round diamonds
  • Pure Bliss

    Sophisticated and stunning, this petite emerald and diamond ring is a classic design crafted in solid 14k white gold. A vibrant oval emerald gemstone is accented by three round brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides and two cascading down the shoulders of the ring, for a look that will never go out of style.
    • 14k WG
    • SIZE 7
    • Weight 2.6g
    • Oval Emerald 0.5 CT
    • 10 round diamond 0.9 ct
    • Emerald prong setting
    • 1.88mm ring thicknes
  • Open Ring

    This custom freeform fashion ring accenuates the feminine side of all who wear it. It features 32 natural pave-set round brilliant cut diamonds with a total diamond weight of 0.13 ct.
    • 14k white gold
    • 4.8mm width
    • Size 7.5
    • Average weight 2.9gr
    • Round diamond
  • Shimmering blue sapphire gemstones rest elegantly in a halo of stunning micropavŽ diamonds set in 14k white gold.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 7.5
    • 0.21 ct
    • 1.9mm width
    • Average weight 2.6 gr
    • Round diamond
  • Montebello

    She's the treasure of your love, so on your special day, surprise her with the beauty of a ring that will shine perfectly around her finger for a lifetime. Filling in a sleek prong setting, alternating princess-cut and baguette diamonds glisten along the center of this 14K white gold band. With a total diamond weight of 1 ct., this ring is truly beautiful.
    • 14 K white gold
    • 3.5mm width-size 6
    • Average weight 3.4gr
    • 1CT baguette and princess cut diamond band
  • This exquisitely dramatic representation of the halo Sapphire ring, is set in 14k White Gold. It exhibits great brilliance and adds a wonderful sparkle to your outfits. Match this ring with our exquisite earrings!
    • 18k white gold
    • Size 7
    • Diamond 0.14 ct
    • Saphire 1.15 carat
    • 2.0mm width
    • Average weight 3.3 gr
    • Round diamond
  • There is nothing more classic than this diamond filled white gold band. You can never go wrong with this piece; use it for everyday and for special occasions as well!
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 7
    • 1.5 ct
    • 2.91 mm width
    • Average weight 4.2 gr
    • Round diamond
  • A truly beautiful emerald ring, designed as a flower with four teardrop shaped "petals" and a brilliant diamond in the center. It is surrounded by a sparkling diamond swirl, making the emeralds the center of attention. Set in 14K white gold, it is perfect for gift giving, engagement, anniversary, or as a special treat for yourself.
    • 14K WG
    • Size 7
    • Weight 3.1g
    • Pear Emeralds .06 Total CT
    • Round diamond .14ct
    • Emerald prong setting
    • 1.92mm ring thickness
  • Golden Wonder

    This beautiful piece is the perfect balance with both vivid and elegant qualities. This diamond-filled ring gives the classic, a twist that will become your statement piece.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 5.5
    • 1.2 ct diamond
    • 2.73 mm width
    • Average weight 5.2 gr
    • Round diamond
  • This lovely design radiates feminine charm and modern simplicity and should be a part of every woman's jewelry box. It is the best gift for an special ocassion showcasing elegance and beauty everywhere she goes!
    • 18k white gold
    • Size 6.5
    • 2.7mm width
    • Average weight 4.5gr
    • Pave diamond ring .52 CT
    • Pound ending
  • Eyes will be fixated on this immaculate platinum diamond engagement ring, showcasing French pavŽ-set diamonds that complement your choice of center diamond - round ending - This ring is specially designed to accommodate the following center diamond shapes and sizes (round 0.72 -1.55 carat).
    • Platinum
    • Set Dia1.0CT H
    • VS1
    • Witdh 2mm
    • 6 prongs
    • Average weight 3.6 gr
    • 10 round diamonds
  • This ring is designed for those who loves simple designs with a slight twist. It features a breathtaking lab- emerald center stone framed by diamonds creating a lovely halo design. Channel-set diamonds in a 14k white gold band add extra sparkle, you're sure to love.
    • 14K WG
    • Size 7
    • Weight 3g
    • Round Lab Emerald 1.54 CT
    • 25 round diamond 0.05 ct
    • Emerald prong setting
  • Eternal Shine

    Simplicity meets the sublime in this deceptively rich and enthralling design. This eternity diamond ring's seemingly simple design grants an understated beauty and sophistication while turning every head in the room.
    • 18k white gold
    • Size 6.5
    • 1.47 ct
    • 4.14 mm width
    • Average weight 6.5gr
    • Round diamond
  • On that special day, when you ask for a lifetime commitment, take her breath away with this magnificent diamond bridal set. this exquisite bridal set will win her heart - and her hand.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 6.5
    • Wedding band 2.4m widht engagement ring 2.3m
    • Average width 4.7m
    • Average weight 6.8gr
    • 10 round diamond channel setting engagement ring and 12 round diamond channel setting wedding band
  • The abstract appeal and versatility of this three-row diamond band makes it a wonderful choice for many occasions. Worn as a right hand fashion ring, or the perfect accent for any finger, this diamond ring is sure to take her breath away.
    • ]14k white gold
    • 8 mm width
    • Size 7
    • Average weight 2.8gr
    • 0.4 ct round diamond
  • This white gold ring with saphires and diamonds will leave everyone speechless. A classic and beautiful design with the perfect amount of color and brilliance.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 7
    • .15 ct diamond
    • 1.93 mm width
    • 85 ct sapphire
    • Average weight 5.1 gr
    • Baguette diamond and princess diamond
  • Deep in Love

    A ravishing red ruby in a prong setting is surrounded by a glimmering diamond halo. Crafted in 18k white gold, this round ruby halo ring is simply luxurious.
    • 14k white gold
    • Size 6.5
    • Round diamond 0.136 ct
    • ovalRuby 1.15 carat
    • 4.62mm width
    • Average weight 3.4 gr
  • Flirty and fun with a dash of elegance, this pearl ring is certain to delight everyone who lays eyes on it!
    • 14k white gold Pearl Diam & Sapphire
    • Size 4.5
    • Width 1.5mm
    • Average weight 2.5 gr
    • 6 round diamonds
    • 6 oval sapphires & one culture water pearl
    • Halo setting
  • This ring is the perfect way to bring elegance to your everyday life. Tahitian pearls are among the most valuable of cultured pearls recognized by their unique dark color qualities. Be unique and get yours today!
    • 14K white gold
    • 2.22 mm width
    • size 7
    • Average weight 3.9gr
    • 0.1 ct round diamond
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